School Bus Tracker: Safety and peace of mind on your routes

BatOnRoute is an easy-to-use School Bus Tracker software that optimises and manages school transport. The system enables the efficient flow of information between the schools and parents, providing real-time updates on bus routes and safeguards the school buses. No additional devices or hardware other than a smartphone/tablet on the bus (available on iOS and Android).

School bus tracker app features for schools

Easy management of routes, stops, and allocation of students

Simple route change management and absence marking

Our school bus tracker app allows real-time control of the location of the bus/van of each of the routes

Automatic notification of delays to parents

Real-time school bus tracker monitoring of boarding and disembarking of students

Live tracking of bus locations and time passed at stops

Notifications of delays and incidents

Information about delayed routes

Measurement of distance travelled by their buses

School bus tracker app benefits for parents

Notifications of estimated bus arrival time at the stop

Notifications of the boarding and disembarking of their child

Notifications of arrival and departure of students to/from school

The school bus tracker allows the Real-time GPS location of the bus on the in-app map

In case of delay you will receive a notification and the exact position of the bus.

BatOnRoute's Bus School tracker app allows the possibility to notify the school of your child's absence

Possibility to change your child's route from your phone, after verifying the capacity of the alternative bus.


Easy integration without changing your current transportation company

With our school bus tracker you don't need to install equipment in your buses

Easy customisation to incorporate your school branding


Integrates with the following school portals


Find out how we can help you improve your management of school routes

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