Walking to school

Sustainable and secure walk to school

BatOnRoute is a specialised software that allows monitoring and management of school walks — providing peace of mind and added value to parents and councils.

The monitor that accompanies students should only start the route from the app installed on their own mobile and from then on the parents will see in their app the updated location of the group and receive notifications in real time, offering them greater peace of mind and security.

Features for councils

Promotion of healthy habits in students

Centralised web platform

Real-time route monitoring


Listing of presence/absence.
Route duration.
School arrival times.

Reduction in CO2 emissions

Notification features

Features for parents

Real-time monitor location

Notification of monitor proximity to stop

Notification of pick-up/delivery and arrival/departure to/from school

Notifications of delays and incidences

Absence marking

Request route changes

More features

Quick set-up

Easy customisation to incorporate your school branding

No physical device installation


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