Amade improve Adapted Transport Route Management

BatOnRoute and Amade together to improve Adapted Transport Route Management


Amade (Association of Private Day-Care Centers based in Madrid) and BatOnRoute sign an agreement to make the transport solution available to its members.

BatOnRoute manages, plans and optimizes the routes for adapted transport in day-care centers and elderly homes, tailoring it to the needs of the users, families and transport managers.

BatOnRoute will allow real-time information to be offered to users/families of the daily runs, as well as provide additional security thanks to instant messages that indicate the proximity of transport as well as the user’s boarding and arrival at the center. In addition, it is possible to notify on absences and make user route changes with a single click via the app.

For the centers it means the digitization of transport, thus having a tool that facilitates the management and information in real time of the routes: users who board, delays, duration, use of transport, easy management of route changes and absences, etc.

The implementation of the tool does not imply any type of specific installation on buses or vans. Control is carried out through the web platform synchronized with the app available for iOS and Android. The implementation of BatOnRoute is simple and agile. In addition, the versatility of the tool allows you to customize the website and the app with the branding of each center.

Thanks to this agreement, the members of Amade will be able to personally discover the advantages of the mobility solution and increase the quality of their services and, therefore, the satisfaction of the families.

We are excited to welcome on board a new member to this great family of safe transport. We are already present in more than 500 user entities in over than 12 countries and counting.


Welcome Amade! For many kilometers together!

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