Madrid inaugurates the safe school bike bus

The City Council of Las Rozas (Madrid) has launched a safe school bike bus service together with BatOnRoute.

This way of getting to school is also known as BiciBus and we will tell you what it is and how BatOnRoute has helped to get it up and running.


A walking school bus service was originally aimed at schools whose students live close to the school.

This type of service aims to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible, avoiding the transfer by car of students who live nearby the school.

Walking school bus originated other ideas,such as cycling, which could extend the free of school bus zones and help reduce pollution even more.

One of the new services that has appeared is the BICIBUS and its functionality is exactly the same as walking to school bus..

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The school establishes the maximum distance to be able to go on foot or by bike and in this way select all the students who comply with this perimeter.

With this information, safe collection routes are established, so that the person in charge of the students can easily collect or deliver them.

This is where BatOnRoute brings its value. With a simple APP, the person in charge can see the routes that will be carried out during the day.

Each route will show you the stops to make and the students you will pick up at each one.

You can register the attendance of the students, which will send a notification to families so that they are always informed about the status of their children.

Families have an APP and are also able to see the route and its progress in real time. They can see when the students are approaching their stop or make sure they have arrived at school on time.

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Our latest case of success is the City Council of Las Rozas, which has launched a pilot project for this course.

Seven school bike routes have been established and will be tested with a small number of students from April until the end of this school year.

Here you can see the news related to more information:

Other municipalities are already using safe walking school bus or planning this type of transport for their schools.

If you are interested in this way of getting to school, contact us and we will give you a demo without any commitment.

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